First Person Sports Tactical Laser Tag

FPS Tactical Laser Tag

Our mobile Tactical Laser Tag events start with a "standard event" and go from there. A standard event is based on 2 hours and 12 Guns/Players, inside of our regular operating area.

There are three field setup options.

Pre Existing Field ($399):
This means that the space that you have available needs no field setup. This could be a wooded area or any other space that has enough natural cover that would make the game possible.

Speed Field ($499):
This field setup consists of pop up tents, they are varied sizes, from 5'x5' to 4'x6'. They go up quickly and break down just as fast.

Deluxe Field ($650):
This field has the greatest "wow factor." It consists of inflatable walls, windows, doorways etc. This option takes an hour to setup and an hour and a half to break down.

Secondary costs:

Additional Players / Guns over the allotted 12:
$12 each (a maximum of 20 players can play at one time... 20 gun max... however once you pass 20 players we do not charge you for additional players that we cycle in).

Additional Hours over the 2 included hours:
$125 per hour.

Travel Outside our standard operating area:
Based on exact location.

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